Small Breeder Of  Beautiful Papillons
We are a small breeder of Beautiful Papillon Puppies located in Western North Carolina. Our puppies are bred for conformation, temperament and quality. We specialize in healthy, happy companion pets. The Papillon is a small dog breed with distinctive large, fringed ears that earned it its name, the French word for butterfly. The Papillon is believed to be one of the oldest of the toy breeds. Though known to be reserved with strangers, these dogs can also be protective of a human family member, and are good alarm dogs while still affectionate to those they know. Papillons are very athletic, enjoying running or chasing, but usually enjoy staying indoors.
Best Kept Secret In The Toy Dog World
Papillons have been breeding true for hundreds of years and until recently have been one of the best kept secrets in the toy dog world. They are named for their beautiful large butterfly (or moth like in the case of the phalene) ears. This is an elegant, dainty breed bred simply to be with people. They have loving and playful temperaments and make excellent, faithful, and lively companions.
Our family at Rosey Lane Kennels take great pride in our puppies! It is our hope that you will enjoy your puppy as much as we have enjoyed him/her.

Please email for pictures, prices and availability.
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