We are so happy with our new papillon puppy from your kennel.
He is adorable and so well natured. We truly loved the way you care for all your dogs.Your setup with the dogs is super. My husband was very impressed at how neat and clean your kennel area is. And all you dog are gorgeous. We can't wait to see how the puppy grows. 
Thank you for all your help with us. Would definitely recommend your kennel to everyone interested in a papillon.
Hi Doug and Julie,
I wanted to let you know that we made it home safely and he is
doing just fine. Bree-Lee and Mac hit it off from the start. They
drink from the same bowl, kiss each other, theyplay tug-o-war
and they haven't stopped playing. They run around the house
together and wrestle with each other. He's been going potty
outside and we haven't had an accident in the house yet. When
he went outside for thefirst time our cat came up to him and
was meowing and checking him out. Mac wasn't to sure about
him and he was barking and growling at him. He sounds like a little squeeker toy. I was doing my homework earlier and he was trying to help me by pulling all my papers out of my binder and trying to chew on my pencil. He is such a little character and he is so adorable. The pictures really didn't show off how cute he is. We will be updating you on how he is doing and we will send pictures. We thank you so much for him.
Thanks, Alexis and Wendy

I wanted to let you guys know that Penelope went to the doctor this
morning and she's as healthy as a horse!  She weighed in at 2.6 lbs. 
She's a little ball of fur and energy. She got a checkup andworming
today and is going back next week for her next round ofshots. The
vet said she was the cutest thing she'd ever seen and wanted to
take her home! She's getting along really well with the other pups.
I've got somegreat pictures of the 3 of them in the backyard that I'll
try to send you in the next couple of days. She and Lulu, our pug are
best buddies and have been rolling around and playing all over the place. Napoleon, the Chihuahua is 7 and a little grumpy, so he's being cordial and starting to play a little. It will take him a little while.
She's eating like a horse, flying around the house and has been doing her potties outside for about 90% of the time. She's so great - thank y'all so much! I can't tell you how in love we are with her.  I'll send you some pictures in a couple of days. Have a good New Year!
Carmen and Brian
Shasta had a good 8-week birthday yesterday. She is so smart; we can see her little mind working things out. She learned to do “sit” in about 5 minutes yesterday with Teresa working with her. I waited a little while then asked her to sit and she didn’t hesitate at all. We filled the card on our digital camera with videos and pics. Shasta wants to play with Macy
but still is a little scared by her size. She follows Macy everywhere
around the backyard and will lie down beside her.There have been
no accidents since the first night. Just today shedecided she liked
and claimed her bed… without us having to put her in it. She wanted
to take a nap and instead of going to her crate hopped in the bed &
went to sleep.We love her so much!! Thanks for bringing her into
our life!
Fred & Teresa  

Bella is doing well hasn't pee peed in her crate at all that we have noticed and no poops... She's only wet the carpet once and she just pooped in Carters room when he was in the bath, but considering how much time  she's out during the day she's done awesome at the potty training... she's a little ball of energy the kids love letting her chase them outside! inside she likes to annoy my cat that's five years old... he's huge fat lazy cat and its hilarious to see how afraid of the little ball of fur! Bella is eating very well... probably too well... I decided to leave a bowl of food in her kennel today with water so she wouldn't get a sugar low since it was my first day back to work, she ate it all and held her poop and went outside when he got home! We are so pleased at how well she's doing and just love her to death.... The Kids are already fighting over where she's going to
sleep.... although she's sleeping in her kennel until she gets older! She
hascried the past two nights a little but not awful----last night i gave
her one of the kids stuffed animals tomake her feel like she wasn't alone
and i think it helped because she didn't whine but for about five minutes
when I first but her in there and then this morning when she needed to
go potty around 6! Sorry to not get back to you sooner! She's completely
awesome and we love her to death! I'm so pleased to have such a
wonderful dog and breeder....

Hi Doug and Julie,
We took the boys to the Vet this morning for a puppy check up. Our vet was very impressed with the pups. Dr. Smith At Willow run said they are both in excellent condition as well as the perfect weight and height for their age. He said both boys have exceptional structure and are superior examples of the breed. But we all knew that already!
Mike & Marlis

Hey guys, just wanted to let u know Sophie is doing well.  we took her to the vet yesterday for more shots & she now weighs 4.9 lbs.  she's really growing.  the vet says she looks great!  She loves to sleep in my lap and will whine when she's sleepy till I pick her up - if I'm not available Phil will do. ha ha  Seriously she is really attached to us & loves human contact.  she thinks anyone who comes here is coming to see her!  she gets really excited about that.  talk later.
Georgia & Phil
Just wanted to let you know little Mickey's doing great!  He went to the vet yesterday and he's almost four pounds already! Such a little fattie! haha  Micks been doing great with his potty training (only a few accidents here and there) and is a little genius at learning tricks! He's already got come, sit, down, wave, beg, roll over, and play dead down perfectly!  He just loves showing off too... I brought him to a party last weekend and he made sure he stayed the center of attention all night! haha  I've attached some recent pics of him playing with his new favority toys: ice cubes and highlighters!

Amos Earl had his first vet check.  Training is coming along great.  He sits and lays down on command, leash walking beautifully. He sleeps through the night in his crate, very few accidents with the potty training.  He was the hit of Thanksgiving Day and can run circles around the Australian Shepherd and the  126 lb Collie!  I MUST send you a video of that! He had his first Harley ride and think he took to it like a champ all decked out in his “Doggles” and Harley Bandana.  Both with matching flames of course!  He is a total delight and a joyous addition to my household.  
Doug & Julie,
Nicki faired the trip back to Roanoke well.  She slept between Brenda and Lexi most of the way, except for two stops, which we all needed anyway.  She was ready to play in the back yard and garage for a while when we got here and only woke twice in the night Saturday with no accidents in the house. I have attached a couple pictures we took since being back.  We are certainly glad to have her and we think she is fitting in just fine.
Thanks for all your help,
Ron & Brenda
Doug And Julie,
Just a note to say, What a great puppy we have. Chaz has made us very happy he's so loving. After the loss of our dog Chang, this pup is just what we needed. Every time I take him out of the house people just go nuts over him. (I think it's the ear's) He had his first vet visit. She said he was a beautiful healthy puppy as he kissed her nose to say good bye. My female Sasha has taken over the mommy role she watches him like a hawk. The temperment and quality of Chaz speaks for itself. Your breeding skills go far beyond any we have here in R.I The trip to N.C was well worth it. I see the other pups from the same litter are just as cute and healthy. So this little man is now a Newenglanda! The snow may take some getting use to.  We will keep you up to date on his growth as he changes a little every day. Thank you for making us smile again.
Sharon and Kevin,  Sasha and Chaz
Hi Julie and Doug ...
Just a note to tell you things are going quite well here in Tryon with my new friends ... Patsy and John ... They take me out every morning for playtime in this really big field.  So far I have been able to teach them to throw things which I bring back and they throw them again.  They are not too smart but they are learning.
When we are back home I play the "Bring it back game" with them and they are also getting quite good at that.  Best part is that I tire them out so they need to take a nap or two and I usually join in.
Night time is the best.  We romp on their bed for a short time ... until they get tired ... then we douse the lights and we all fall fast asleep.  I, of course, go through the night but John seems to have to get us around 2 AM to pee pee.
I wish I could train him to hold it until morning like I do.  Also they want to get up a little earlier than I ... they wake up around 7AM but I play with them for a half hour or so then they go Pee Pee and I get to go out and smell the flowers.
Breakfast is served upon my return.  I really have taught these folks what to do very quickly.  They seem to be good learners.  Next comes my daily romp, some play periods and a nap or two until lunch is served around noon.
Thanks for finding these people for me.  They seem real nice and are fast learners.
Oh yes,  one other thing.  They have a monster cat that answers to the name Pepper.  Probably weighs three time what I do and does not seem to like me.
I am sure we will work something out ... I'll let you know later.
Love and Hugs,
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